The Overall Look of the Chrysler 300

The modern version of the Chrysler 300 has been around since 2005. The first generation included a sedan and a station wagon model. Since 2011, the Chrysler 300 has only appeared as a sedan. The change from a multi-designed model to a single design allowed Chrysler to concentrate on creating an aggressive and sleek exterior.

The front of the 300 features a bulging nose and high fenders that satisfy those looking for a muscular look. The Adaptive High-Intensity Headlights provide a cat’s eye look that enhances the feeling that you are looking at a mountain lion ready to pounce. Prowling around Two Harbors. This vehicle transfers the sense of strength to the driver and occupants.

With the slight rise from front to back, the 300’s rear-wheel drive punches through the air and along the road with grace. At Sonju Chrysler Jeep Dodge, we proudly display the Chrysler 300 as a premier vehicle.



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