Drive Safe with Routine Tire Checks

When to Perform a Tire Check

Most tire manufacturers recommend replacing your tires when they reach the 6-year threshold. This stands to be true if you use your vehicle for daily errands under normal weather and road conditions. If your tires are exposed to unfavorable circumstances or extreme usage, their life expectancy may shorten. Sometimes we are unaware of the toll certain conditions have on our tires. You should make getting them checked a routine to ensure your safety.

Weather and Road Conditions

Intense heat, cold, or precipitation can wear down your tires earlier than expected. Gravel, potholes, and corrosion may also decrease the effectiveness of your tires. These conditions have a direct impact on the tire's structure and functionality.

Professional vs. DIY Tire Checks

Monitoring the regular wear and tear of your tires on the surface may be an easy feat to accomplish. Our professionals will look beneath the surface, check their alignment, and execute any necessary repairs. Your safety is worth a professional opinion.
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