Check Your Air Filters for Efficiency

Owning a car is a responsibility that involves maintaining all aspects of the car. There are various filters for any vehicle that you can get. It's important to change the filters in the vehicle on a regular schedule so that they don't get clogged. If they become dirty, then they won't allow air to flow through properly.

A cabin air filter sometimes isn't needed for all vehicles. It's a filter that helps to trap dust and pollen from the outside of the car, preventing it from getting inside the vehicle. The engine air filter is a bit more important. It's located under the hood and traps air and dust, preventing these particles from getting to the motor and other important parts that are essential for proper operation.

When speaking with Sonju Chrysler Jeep Dodge, you can talk about the best kind of filter to have in the vehicle and the benefits of each one. Mechanics at our dealership in Two Harbors, MN can change the filters when needed. Clean filters result in better gas mileage and better overall performance from the vehicle.

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