Obey the Move Over Law

Not a lot of people are aware of the Move Over Law, but it does exist and it is important to follow. It will help to reduce highway fatalities if drivers will only follow it. Each year, there are many people who lose their live on the highway. This law has been implemented in all 50 states to help reduce the number of fatalities on the highways.

We here at Sonju Chrysler Jeep Dodge want to remind you to follow this law. Keep in mind that it is a law and not just a suggestion. If it is just not possible to switch lanes when you at driving past a stopped vehicle, you should slow down by at least 15 miles per hour. It is far better to slow down and reduce the chances of causing another highway fatality. Remember to have the same consideration when you at passing a police officer or construction worker.

Please give us a call to learn more and to discuss the provisions of this law further.

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