Brake Pads Are an Important Component of Your Braking System

When you own a vehicle, it's important to keep all the working components in good working order. The brakes are a vital part of the vehicle's operation and require regular service checks. The brake pads will wear down eventually and should be examined and replaced periodically.

Vehicles that have disc brakes work by a braking system that features a rotor attached to the wheels. The wheels are stopped by a brake caliper that squeezes the rotor when the driver presses the brake pedal. Brake pads are situated between the calipers and the rotor, in order to absorb the friction caused by the calipers pressing on the rotor. Warning signs that the brake pads need replacing can be a whining or grinding noise that happens when the brakes are applied.

If the brake pads are worn, the rotor can become damaged. To avoid this, bring your vehicle in to Sonju Chrysler Jeep Dodge, and we will check your braking system for you.

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